Climate Change


Our 2021-2024 climate change adaptation and mitigation strategy includes energy efficiency, alternative energy generation and use, annual carbon footprint measurement, zero-carbon certification, and climate risk index analysis per port facility.

This environmental management is our pillar and commitment to all the challenges associated with environmental sustainability and contribution to the 2030 Agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Climate vulnerability


Because of its activity and location near coastal areas, COMPAS port facilities face risks associated with the effects of climate change, either because of the supply chain, the location, due to the existing infrastructure conditions, or the projection associated with changes in temperature, floods, windstorms, erosive processes, climatic phenomena such as "El Niño" and "La Niña," sea-level rise, among others.

At COMPAS we pioneered the first study of climate vulnerability in the sector for our port facility in Cartagena.

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LED lighting


Our ports have LED lighting, which has reduced energy consumption and saved costs for port facilities.


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Air-conditioning units


A sensor system that allows a 50% reduction of the costs associated with air conditioning consumption has been implemented.


adaptation works

  • Adaptation works were carried out at the port facilities in Cartagena and Tolu, considering this expected sea level growth over the next 100 years.
  • In COMPAS Barranquilla adaptation works were also carried out anticipating Magdalena River level rise. The works focused mostly on lifting springs and improving the rain drainage system.
  • In the construction of COMPAS Aguadulce adapted infrastructure models were taken into account.
  • At COMPAS Cascajal, no vulnerability analysis has been made yet. Therefore, its adaptive capacity is unknown.
  • Maintenance planning and port infrastructure rehabilitation have been carried out at Tolu and Barranquilla port facilities, considering the effects of climate variability.
  • In addition, the company conducts awareness campaigns with employees and communities in the areas of direct influence so that they know how to reduce their carbon footprint.
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