Security is fundamental in our operation. Each of the terminals has the latest surveillance systems, closed circuit television and security equipment. Because of this, US Customs endorsed COMPAS Cartagena's protection framework as the benchmark for the development of the BASC security standard at the global level.

COMPAS is also a member of the Port Security Program, made up of the Colombian Attorney General's Office, the Anti-narcotics Police and the US Embassy, and it has the support of the French Embassy.
COMPAS has received the Colombian Security Council Award to Management in Occupational Health on four occasions (2003, 2006, 2008 and 2010) and the SURATEP Excellence Award in 2004.

It was the first organization to be chosen as a security prototype in Latin America by Business Alliance for Secure Commerce, a program led by US Customs to block drug shipments through commercial shipping.


Physical security:

  • Security guards 24/7.
  • K-9 anti-narcotics and anti-explosives unit.
  • Perimeter enclosures with 2.8-meter fences and barbed wire.
  • Lighting systems with emergency plants.
  • Communications system with our own frequencies.

Electronic security:

  • Closed circuit television (CCTV) with continuous recording.
  • Access control system with visitor log and record of movements.
  • Photo ID system for employees, users and visitors.
  • Alarm system for sensitive areas.
  • Non-intrusive inspection equipment.

Procedural security:

  • Online system for the control of operations and goods, backed up by an additional server.
  • Online documentation system connected to the Colombian Tax Authority (DIAN).
  • Security procedure manual.
  • Quarterly security audits, ISPS and BASC requirements.


  • Reliability testing and security studies.
  • Staff control.
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