As a multipurpose port company, COMPAS can provide the logistical services that your cargo requires. Among others, we provide the service of loading and unloading container ships, roll-on/roll-off (ro-ro) ships, bulk carriers, special vessels for project cargo and any naval vessel that may require loading or unloading operation services. 

Our service portfolio for import and export companies, includes simultaneous leading from truck to container or vice versa, the unloading of ships or trucks, and the storage of cargo in specialized silos or warehouses. We also handle a variety of cargo that requires special equipment, such as paper rolls, sacks and big bags in different presentations and, in general, we serve all the needs that your cargo may require. 

We intend to serve as the HUB of containers and piece goods for shipping containers from international transshipment, and we provide the domestic industry with the possibility of handling cargo under the system of Public Warehousing of International Logistical Support.

Services that can be contracted at our terminals:

Services as a cargo port company:

  • Dockage.
  • Indoor and outdoor storage.
  • Facilities to connect refrigerated containers.
  • 100-ton scales for trucks.
  • Three-ton scales in warehouses.
  • Bulk solids.
  • Security 24/7.
  • Insurance coverage for users in port operations and cargo management at the terminal for up to USD 7,000,000 per event with SURA.

Services as a port operator:
General Services:

  • Loading and unloading of full and empty containers.
  • Loading and unloading of piece goods.

Services as a maritime port operator:

  • Loading and unloading of vehicles.
  • Loading and unloading of bulk solids. Movement of cargo on board.
  • Movement via the dock.
  • Opening and closing of warehouses.
  • Securing and releasing cargo on board.
  • Pre-stowage.

Services as an inland port operator:

  • Movement of cargo for inspections. Cargo consolidation and deconsolidation.
  • Loading and unloading containers.
  • Weighing of cargo.
  • Customs and antinarcotics inspections.
  • Pre-customs inspection.
  • Separation of packages.

Chartering service:

We have a team of highly specialized brokers with extensive knowledge of the market and the different types of cargo to satisfy our client's needs, providing a competitive, quality service. Clic here to know more about Comship Brokers.

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