The company emerged in the year 2015 after the merger of two companies with extensive experience in shipping and port operations: 

Compañía de Puertos Asociados S.A.

National and international network of multipurpose ports created by the companies Southern Port Holding Inc., and Grupo Argos, recognized for their investments in the cement, energy, coal, real estate and port sectors. 


It brings together more than 100 years of global experience in shipping and port activities. It has offices throughout the Iberian Peninsula, Colombia, the United States and recently Shanghai, thus covering all markets and time zones. 


Through our role as maritime chartering brokers, we offer solutions working to provide a service tailored to client's needs. We handle all types of solid and liquid bulk cargo, general cargo, project cargo in all sizes, from coastal vessels to panamax vessels.
We work with renowned clients and assist new companies in finding the best solutions to carry out their activity.
We are operating on all the markets and we have a dedicated team of 21 people distributed in six offices in different parts of the world.
We also provide our clients with the possibility of receiving a comprehensive shipping service, including cargo handling and storage, thanks to the joint work with our logistical partners in the Americas and in Europe.

Contact details:

Nicolás Lee Brunner
Chartering Department

+(57) 321 7832154
+(57) 1 589 73 73 Ext 1604
Vía 40 Las Flores.
Barranquilla, Colombia


Luis Carlos Ortiz
Chartering Department

+(57) 312 6530030
+(57) 5 331 95 39 Ext 5492
Vía 40 Las Flores.
Barranquilla, Colombia


Carlos  Arocha Dugand
Operations Department

+(57) 320 561 8153
+(57) 1 589 73 73 Ext 1675
Calle 93A No. 11-36. Oficina 201.
Bogotá, Colombia